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Neil Young signs the Letter from America ‘for all living things’

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Rock legend Neil Young​, currently touring Europe, is warning Europeans not to be fooled into thinking that GM crops are the answer to food security problems.

Now, let’s get kids talking about GMOs!

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Beyond GM’s new video project extends the Letter from America and aims to give children across the Americas a chance to speak up about GMOs and educate other kids in the world about their experiences.

Read the Letter from America in your language

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The Letter from America is now available in multiple languages. Please help spread the word so as many people as possible around the world can understand the risks of GMOs and feel confident to speak out!

IFOAM – Organics International signs the The Letter from America

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We are so pleased to announce that IFOAM – Organics International has now thrown it’s weight behind the Letter from America.

Millions more endorse our powerful open letter

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Post publication we have continued to invite endorsements from groups but also individual citizens in the US – and we’ve had some real high-profile successes. Will you join them?


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