The Letter from America is a unique citizen to citizen action and a plea from a continent that has been devastated GM farming and food not to make the mistakes it has made. The letter, which sheds a light on what our food future in the UK and the rest of Europe will be if we don’t change course, have been signed by NGOs, groups academics, scientists, farmers, food manufactures, and high profile individuals representing some 57 million Americans.

If you live in the US or Canada and you’d like to join this powerful coalition of signatories, click here. If you live in the UK, help us spread the word. Send a link to the letter to your MP and use social media and email to invite to your friends and family to read it too.


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  • Sierra Club

    Grassroots environmental organization

    Visit the Sierra Club website

  • Friends of the Earth

    Environmental  group

    “We have a right to food that is good for our bodies and our environment. Numerous studies show that genetically engineered foods can pose serious risks to both. Yet the US Department of Agriculture keeps approving genetically engineered crops that benefit a few biotech corporations.”

    Visit the Friends of the Earth website

  • Pesticide Action Network North America

    Advancing alternatives to pesticides worldwide

    Visit the Pesticide Action Network North America website

  • Rachel Carson Concil

    Protecting health and the environment

    “GMOs reveal the arrogance in controlling nature that Rachel Carson warned against. And pesticide use continues unabated.”– Robert Musil, President, Rachel Carson Council

    Visit the Rachel Carson Council website


  • Waterkeeper Alliance

    Preserving the health of America’s waterways

    “Cultivating genetically engineered crops increases the amount of poisonous pesticides that end up in our waterways. Studies show that Bt toxin as well as glyphosate, the active ingredient in herbicides, sprayed widely on GM crops, is finding its way in groundwater across our nation’s contamination of aquifers, wells and springs. This substance does not break down rapidly in the environment and accumulating levels pose a threat to wildlife as well as to the purity of our drinking water.” – Marc Yaggi, Executive Director, Waterkeeper Alliance

    Visit the Waterkeeper Alliance website

  • Environmental Stewardship Concepts

    Environmental clean-up consultancy

    Visit the Environmental Stewardship Concepts website

  • Teens Turning Green

    Student-let environmental advocacy group

    “As an organization we mobilize students all over the planet to opt out of this human experiment. These young leaders have been born into a GMO world and we have no idea of the implications or health impacts that we will see in the future. Untested is unsafe. We implore the EU governance to take a strong stand for all of us and stop the proliferation of this egregious crime on humanity.” – Judi Shils, Executive Director, Teens Turning Green

    Visit the Teens Turning Green website

  • Californians for Pesticide Reform

    Protecting health and environment from pesticides

    Visit the Californians for Pesticide Reform website

  • Moms Advocating Sustainability

    Protecting children from harmful chemicals

    Visit the Moms Advocating Sustainability website


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  • Organic Consumers Association

    Consumer protection and organic agriculture advocacy group

    “In its 2013 report, Wake Up Before It’s Too Late the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development warns of the urgent need for a ‘paradigm shift’ away from chemical-intensive agriculture to an organic, regenerative agriculture model. Unfortunately, under pressure from corporations, the US has failed as of yet to heed this warning. The UK and other European countries have so far succeeded in preserving the integrity of their organic and non-GMO food and farming systems. As we here in the US continue to campaign against a GMO-centric, mono-culture-based farming system and its toxic impact on public and environmental health, we urge your countries not to bow to corporate pressure on what is clearly one of the most critical health and environmental issues of our times.”

    Visit the Organic Consumers Association website

  • Food & Water Watch

    Advocates for consumer rights for safe food and water

    Visit the Food & Water Watch website

  • Green America

    Promoting environmental sustainability, social justice, and ethical consumerism

    Visit the Green America website

  • Green Lifestyles Network

    Multimedia green lifestyle project

    “Let’s stop the genetic mutation of our food and water supply NOW before it is too late and we have an epidemic of major magnitude to hand down to future generations. It is a whole lot easier, less expensive and quicker to prevent this, than to fix it once the harm has been done! Please take action NOW before it is too late!”

    Visit the Green Lifestyles Network website


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  • Food Democracy Now!

    Grassroots community dedicated to building a sustainable food

    “Across the world, there is now agreement that genetically engineered foods are different from conventionally bred foods and that all genetically engineered foods should be required to go through safety assessments prior to approval. These positions are spelled out by Codex Alimentarius, the food safety standards organization of the United Nations, which the World Trade Organization considers to be the global, science-based standards, and thus immune to trade challenges. But, at present, none of the genetically engineered plants on sale in the United States can meet this global standard, because – unlike all other developed countries – the US does not require safety testing of genetically engineered crops.”

    Visit the Food Democracy Now! website

  • Slow Food USA

    Advocating for better, cleaner and fairer  food & farming

    “GMOs are unreliable from a scientific point of view, inefficient in economic terms and environmentally unsustainable. Little is known about them from a health perspective and from a technical standpoint they are obsolete. They have severe social impact, threatening traditional food cultures and the livelihoods of small-scale farmers.”

    Visit the Slow Food USA website

  • Earth Open Source

    Dedicated to creating breakthroughs in the sustainability of our food system

    “Scarcely a day goes by without an attempt by GMO lobbyists and their allies to push Europe down the route of GM crop farming widespread in the US. Amid the hype over GM (systematically debunked in our report GMO Myths and Truths), it’s easy for the reality to get lost. The reality of GM is this: yields that are no better than those of non-GM crops, escalating herbicide use and dependency on agrochemicals, herbicide-resistant superweeds and insecticide-resistant pests, costly seeds that cannot be replanted, and the certainty that non-GM and organic crops will be contaminated and valuable markets lost. The Letter from America is heartfelt advice from a country that has been down the GM route and knows the reality. It says that Europe must not allow itself to be bullied into making the same mistakes that the US has made. Europe still has choices about the food production and farming system it wants to pursue. Experience in the US shows that allowing GM into a region does not increase those choices, but removes them. Every farmer is forced to grow GM or accept GM contamination of his non-GM crop, reducing its market value and eliminating choice for consumers. We don’t believe that’s what Europe’s farmers or consumers want.”

    Visit the Earth Open Source website

  • Temra Costa

    Sustainable food advocate and the author of Farmer Jane: Women Changing the Way We Eat

    Visit the Farmer Jane website


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